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Accept Hosted production bug: captcha covers Pay button

My customers are unable to accept payments at this time.  When the Accept Hosted ifram is populated, the dialog resizes up to below the Pay/Cancel buttons, but then Google Captcha covers the Pay/Cancel buttons.  It looks like your sizing is no longer taking Captcha use into account.  Please fix this ASAP as it is blocking all customers from paying!


We tested and varified that Captch is working perfectly and its showing the pay button with captcha clearly.


If you are still facing isseue Please check if event received from Accept Hosted "action=resizeWindow" is correctly captured or not. Accept Hosted send this event if there is any change in window size is needed.


I hope it will help you.



Authorize.Net Developer Authorize.Net Developer
Authorize.Net Developer

I fixed this problem for our customers by turning off Captcha, and have the time now to look back into it.  Yes, I am capturing and applying the resize events; I verified that before I posted my first message.  The target numbers I'm getting for the resize look wrong.  Without Captcha, the window wants to resize to a height of 612.35 pixels, and with Captcha it wants to resize to 642.35 pixels .. 30 pixels more to fit the entire "I'm not a robot" checkbox which is obviously incorrect.  That box alone is 74 pixesl tall in my Firefox window, and then there's padding and etc. around it.

The sample code shows the window getting set to a minimum of 1000 pixels in height, if any number lower than that is passed in.  Is that really the recommended solution?  I suspect your window is that tall which is why you're saying that things are working fine.  They're not fine ...  I'm trying to avoid having an ugly blank voide at the bottom of my (properly-sized) popup.  Any suggestions would be welcome!

I just ran into this myself, still not fixed after 2+ years. I mean, we can just take the resize values sent from Authorize.Net and add some hardcoded number of pixels to account for the size of the captcha button, but it's kind of annoying that the framesize sends doesn't account for the captcha button when a captcha is requested.