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Accept.JS Intermittent Issues

Hi All


I have succesfully integrated Accept.JS usig the Hosted Form method on my Angular-based website. Everything works well but we have seen a marked increase in users saying that the modal pops up (the iFrame container) and after entering their data it just spins.  The modal never closes.


Sometimes, closing and re-opening the modal via the tiny X allows them top continue.  It happens about 15% of the time according to analytics (i've written some custom events to try and track it) which is very high.


Has anyone else seen this?  Any ideas on what to do?


I would love some additional response events to handle timeouts, network errors and other errors so we can at least direct the customers in how to fix the issue.  From what I can tell, sometimes the server just doesn't response with a token and for us, it's a black box as to why this happens.


A little more info from Accept.JS would be greatly appreciated.




I'd be happy to provide additional technical details on the implementation.





Please check one time and confirm if you see the spinning wheel after entering the details and clicking continue & Pay button? or its before entering anything and just when popup window shows up?

If its really an issue we will priortize it.






Authorize.Net Developer Authorize.Net Developer
Authorize.Net Developer

Customers have complained of both but the majority get stuck after entering their information and clicking the button.


Due to a lack of response from the developers, and continued issues being reported, we have stopped using your iFrame based solution.  I hope you can find a solution to your issues and we can consider them again but for now, we are forced to move on.

Hello there, 

I also integrated Accept.JS using the Hosted Form method on my newly made Angular-based website but it is working pretty fine. Have a look at the yes or no wheel

All the tools I integrated there, are done using the same technique. Let me know if I can help you with anything.