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Where can I find minimal examples for Accept Hosted?

My goal is to have a simple button, called "Payment Form" or similar, and redirect users to a form hosted by Authorize.NET.


Where can I find high quality minimal examples for Accept Hosted? I'm following this documentation article: While reading the article, I'm very confused, since it keeps mentioning API calls such as "getHostedPaymentPageRequest", but I don't know where that API comes from. Am I missing a JavaScript library? All I want is a button to send users to a payment form.


I've also seen this article: and I'm very confused since I don't know which JS library to add (if any), and none of the JS files linked there contain the text "getHostedPaymentPageRequest". Also, I noticed on this page that the "your own payment form" and "payment information form" buttons are broken.


I know about this repo: but it has been inactive since 2018, and I experienced many problems with it (I opened a few issues and opened a pull request).


P.S. Is there a repo or issue tracker for documentation issues?


The api is installed on your local/remote site with the sdk packages. You install them as dependencies for your project. You can then copy and paste the sample code from the API reference. That will allow you to do what you want. You make an api call and get a token, then post the token to with your redirect.
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Which SDKs? How do I install them as dependencies, just by copying the files, or a Git submodule, or an NPM package, or what...?


And again, is there a fully working complete minimal example?


What the heck is MyWawaVisit?


This forum has been taken over by bots/spammers. Ignore such nonsense as the above. You want to look here- That has the instructions. Then go to the api reference and copy and paste sample code for node.js.

I have gotten the Accept Sample working on my server without installing any SDK, composer or any of that.  This makes me think I don't need them and if I don't need them, I really don't want them.  If I did need them, I have no idea what user on the server would be installing them and where.   root? me? who??? where?


The working example in Accept Sample has a big mash of every different way of doing things.  I would also like a MINIMAL Accept Hosted example form or a 3 or 4 SEPARATE forms for each way of doing it instead of the 3-5 buttons now on the screen.  I just don't know what I can safely delete out of this sample or how to pare it down to a MINIMAL example.



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You should first read this article  properly

and you need to find out which js library to add , and if they are linked js files contain the text 

"getHostedPaymentPageRequest" . please tell me if you liked it TargetPayandBenefits


any luck