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Accept.js - how to add Customer informations


how to send customer details to "Transaction detail" after payment is done?

When I navigate to -> Reports -> Transaction Details -> TransactionID

I see last 4 digits of credit card, paid amount etc. and under "Customer Billing Information" is nothing to see.. all fields like Name etc. are empty.

How to send some details about customer?

I'm using such code:


cardData.cardNumber = document.getElementById('CARDNUMBER_ID').value;
cardData.month = document.getElementById('EXPIRY_MONTH_ID').value;
cardData.year = document.getElementById('EXPIRY_YEAR_ID').value; = document.getElementById('ZIP_ID').value;
cardData.fullName = document.getElementById('FULLNAME_ID').value;
secureData.cardData = cardData;


but fullName and zip are not visible on the Transaction Details. If possible, I would like also to send Address.

Thank you.


Anybody, please?


I received answer (from support):

The details must be included in the createTransactionRequest.

Question is - how to do that? Is there any doc's about that?


I'm using this TransactionRequest:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<createTransactionRequest xmlns="AnetApi/xml/v1/schema/AnetApiSchema.xsd">

How to add customer info, like First and Last name, email etc.

Thank you.


Thank you, but could you please be so kind and insert customer details inside above XML because I do not understand where I need to put them.

Thank you.

Hello @zamiksica123


If you spend a few minutes reading the documentation or the XML structure, you will see where to place the information.  For example:


customer The following fields contain customer information.  
individual or business.
id Merchant assigned customer ID.
Unique identifier to represent the customer associated with the transaction.

Customer ID must be created dynamically on the merchant's server or provided for each transaction. The payment gateway does not perform this function.
Up to 20 characters (no symbols).
email The customer’s valid email address.
Required only when using a European Payment Processor. Processing Platform.

Email address to which the customer’s copy of the email receipt is sent when Email Receipts is configured in the Merchant Interface. The email is sent to the customer only if the email address format is valid.
Up to 255 characters.

For example,

Yes I saw that but I don't understand where I need to put it - on which place inside XML?

Below Amount or below what?

What I need is customer first and last name, address, zip, country.

Could you please make small example because I can not move on.

Thank you.

Finally we solved it by adding <billTo> but I find your doc's very funny.

You are not some "xyz" company and you need to write better instructions.

You can take a look here what is good doc's:

P.S. this whole framework and doc's is handled by 2 people.