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AcceptHosted declined Payment


I was testing a declined payment and it was unable to make the payment after I updated the zip to no longer force a decline.

Is there some process that needs to happen if the token has expired or a payment is declined for whatever reason to allow the hosted frame to allow the payment?



Hi @Jon,


In my testing, I've noticed the same thing. In sandbox, after a decline, you have to start over and reload the form or obtain a new token.


However, this is only a problem when simulating the declines with the triggers in our testing guide. An actual declined card in production allows the cardholder to correct the problem and resubmit from the same form.

All Star

I see, what about the time out? since I saw that the token was invalid I decided to wait the 15 minutes after loading the iFrame and tried to submit the payment again. It told me the token was invalid.


Do I need to refresh the iframe every time the token expires or is this also a sandbox exclusive problem?



If the token times out, you need to retrieve a new token. That's by design in sandbox and production. No way around that.