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AcceptUI.js dialog not showing on some computers




As a user of the AcceptUI.js solution, we have a few final customers complaining about the script not properly showing the Payment details dialog.


Most of our users are using it on computers and tablets for months without any issue. So the  following ticket might be the reason. Your administrator Anurag is mentioning a new release coming this June. When is this release planned? Would that automatically replace the script at the url below (v3)?


Thank you for the feedback.


gabriel at Arlo


Hi @gabriel_arlo


Yes the fix will be in the upcoming release mid of July right now . 


It will added  in the current v3 script . 



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Moderator Moderator

Hi Anurag


Has this fix been released already?


Thank you.

Hi @Anurag


Has this fix been released by now?


We would appreciate a response as it's been 2 months now.



Hi @gabriel_arlo


Unfornuatrly the release which has this fix got rollbacked in sandbox some weeks back .

The dev team is still working to release it again soon . 


I will update once i have some more concrete dates for it . 


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Hi @Anurag


Thank you for the feedback.


We are very interested in an update once this fix will be released Live.



We recently started using AcceptUI.js and ran into this same issue. We also did a little digging and found a solution to the problem:


  • The Problem:
    • We have a mixture of development laptops with touchscreens and those that do not have touchscreens. The ones without touchscreens work with the unmodified verison of AcceptUI.js. The touchscreen laptops work only when using the touchscreens. If a mouse is connected or the tackpad is used, the event will not fire as it is only looking for the "touchend" event becuase the code is checking for touch devices and if the device is touch enabled it only registers the touch event.
  • Solution:
    1. Download the latest AcceptUI.js file from
    2. Open the file in your favorite text editor
    3. Starting at character 157, remove ' ? "touchend" :'
    4. From character 148 to 164 should read: 'g(t, "click", n)'

This solution should still work for touch devices, it does for ours. It also requires you to host the AccteptUI.js file on your sever for deployment.



Hi @Anurag


How are you?


Any update on this bug? The fix was supposed to be released in June and we are now in October.



Hi @gabriel_arlo


This issue should have been fixed now . 


Can you check and validate  if its still an issue for you  ?




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