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Accepted Hosted results in {"code":401,"message":"Invalid API Key"}

Hello dear community, i am developer in germany and have to integrate an authorize payment solution into an old php-shop. it seems, that accepted hosted will be the best. I have also tried with post, but after returning back, the session is lost and so the shop dont know, which order is payed.

So with the iframe i will keep the session. But i still get a 401-error for invalid api-key. We are live, not in sandbox. The live merchant-key is set as api-key. is this the right one?


I am so boured of this integration and loose so much days with this all. And it will not work at all. I have integrated other solutions in shops. but this is really the worst, i ever had to integrate.


So i think about, to pay someone, to help me here also. I can send you FTP and explain all to you. Is anyone out there, who knows either about this error or who want to make it run?


Thanks for feedback.


Hello @rokumedia,


A 401 error is a server message, an authentication error from the API would be E00007; "User authentication failed due to invalid authentication values."  The API authentication is based on 2 values and should be relevant to the endpoint you are calling, either Live or the SandBox.


Integration of Accept Hosted is usually very easy.


If you send your details, we would be glad to take a look for you.

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