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Acting as a CC processor for SASS

I am building a sass application for businesses, Said businesses will need to process monthly subscriptions for their clients.


I would like to offer fully integrated payment solutions where the business does not have to have a Payment Processor or a Gateway.


Does anyone know how this works? How the money gets sent to the business and is this something that offers? I have tried searching for solutions but I don't even know the correct terminology to use when searching :).


Thanks in advance!


Hello @kirk6677


I would recommend starting with our documentation which describes how the payments process works. It includes a video explaining payment fundamentals for developers. 




Administrator Administrator

1. The link is not found


2. I think maybe I did not make myself clear on what I am looking for.


I am familiar with the API to a certain extent I have integrated it into 4 or 5 sites.


What I want is as follows.


1. Business signs up for my Sass software and I charge them a monthly fee "This i know how to do"


2. Business that signed up will now add clients to my software and charge the client card, through my SAAS.


3. My Application now sends the money to the business and I charge 3% for doing the credit card processing.


I know it can be done, I have seen other SAAS software do it.

Hello @kirk6677


Authorize.Net does not currently support this type of model where you are acting as the merchant account provider on behalf of the businesses using your platform.





I've done many integrations with and other similar gateways.  What you are looking for a service that will allow you to handle new merchant onboarding and funds distribution with a single point of integration.   Most typical gateways do not handle this.  I think what you are looking for is something like Ziftpay (  They have an API that is similar to what you are used to and can handle realtime merchant onboarding and funds transfer.