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Adding Google Adword Conversion Tracking Code

uhhhhh.....l haven't found any information about how to add Google Adword Conversion Tracking code to the Confirmation page.


This is so basic that if is not allowing for an easy place to just copy and paste this in, then it is doing a huge disservice to it's community.


Can someone tell me if I've missed something, and if so, where I can input the code?






Without the ability to add Google adword conversion tracking code to the confirmation page, I will have to leave and go to a more up-to-date provider like linkpoint central. Please advise. 


Thank you.


To the confirmation page for what method (SIM, DPM, etc.)? And why? Everything except Simple Checkout should provide a way to pass custom fields, but in this instance I would think that the primary purpose would be internal tracking, so you can track which orders came from what ad campaigns, rather than displaying it on the confirmation page per se.


The reason nobody answered this yet is probably because you haven't supplied enough information about what you're trying to do and why.

The problem is that google conversions and analytics run script.  When a card is approved, the purchasers browser is redirected to transact dll on auth.nets server... which turns the script tags into <noscript> tags when it writes the results of the order response URL to the purchasers browser.   So googles stuff never runs.


There are really no options- if you have your response page make an http request with the google code on it-- yep you guessed it- it does not run because there's no browser to run the javascript!!!


I REALLY hope I'm missing something.  This is s serious flaw.  Why can't an option be added to simply redirect (by sending a 302 to the purchasers browser) the purchaser to a page on our site?

Do you mean the relay response? You can do a javascript redirect back to a page on your site and put the Google code there.

Doesn't work.  No script runs on relay response pages since its auth nets server that makes the request and forwards the resulting content to the purchasers browser.  Thats not the stopper in itself... it changes <script> tags to <noscript> tags....

Must be something on the production server? I try it with my test account relay response page with

<script type="text/javascript">window.location = '"';</script>

 and it redirect it.


Just put the code on the receipt page if the receipt page detects that the transaction went through ok. I tried finding a way to do this via CURL, which would be more elegant, but the only API for tracking conversions seems to be Javascript-based. Stupid Google...