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Adding to the ARB Amount and subtracting to the amount

Hi Everybody,


Is there any coding available to add to the amount or subtract from the amount of an ARB Subscription.  Here's the scenario:

When a user comes to our site, and sign up for the service, they will pay $1.00 a month per user they create. The first user that signs up is the admin and registers their credit card and automatically an ARB subscription is created.  Say they want to add 2 new users to use the service, the way it set up right now two new ARB subscriptions are created one for each new user created.  Now we have it programmed to delete subscriptions when a user is deleted.  But the problem is that the admin will be charged for each individual user added.  Is there coding that we can integrate into our website, when the admin user adds/deletes a user it will automatically change that first ARB subscription accordingly?


Thank you.



The amount can be modified using an ARBUpdateSubscriptionRequest, which is documented in the ARB guide.  We do not have code specifically designed only for htis function, but the SDKs and code samples do implement this request type.  You should be able to build the functionality on top of your existing code if you are already working with the ARB API.

Administrator Administrator

You just pass the subscription ID and the new amount. Not particularly difficult. I've done this with the PHP ARB API, though for different reasons from yours.