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After checkout adding subscription

Hi Folks, We are using a commercial piece of software from XEROX that we can't change any of the source. It is tightly integrated with What we want to do is after an individual purchases a product we check to see if this is their first order. If it is we want to put them in a subscription model in addition to the product purchase. What we get from is the transaction id, status, order id and encrypted order id. What I was wondering is if it is possible using the transaction id, to grab the customer information and enroll them in a subscription model without having them re-enter their credit card information? Is this doable or am I grasping at straws? Jim

Not thru any API, but on the merchant account or

You can create ARB from a settled transaction



Hello @cpijim 

While we currently don't offer this feature through the API, I'm going to forward this as an enhancement request to our product team.

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Thanks Richard,


We use another credit card processor that allows for a plethora of functions to be performed on a transaction id.
Once you have a a valid transaction id you can perform other functions on the account using the transaction id
 + credentials.

I'll subscribe to this topic. 
Look forward to this feature request implementation.  I'm sure its not something that will be implemented for while.