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All functional test case for AIM, CIM, SIM, ARB not working.

Hi I'm  new to API and started integrating it in our application. But it seems that all functional test cases are not working when I tried running it. What should I do to make it work, I followed the steps on how to use the SDK. I'm using java 1.5. I don't know the reason why all functional tests failed.


 [jar] Building jar: C:\Users\levangelista\anet_java_sdk\target\anet-java-sdk-1.4.6.jar
   [delete] Deleting directory C:\Users\levangelista\anet_java_sdk\src\test\java\reports
    [mkdir] Created dir: C:\Users\levangelista\anet_java_sdk\src\test\java\reports
    [junit] Running net.authorize.EnvironmentTest
    [junit] Tests run: 1, Failures: 0, Errors: 0, Time elapsed: 0.011 sec
    [junit] Running net.authorize.MerchantTest
    [junit] Tests run: 2, Failures: 0, Errors: 0, Time elapsed: 0.01 sec
    [junit] Running net.authorize.aim.cardpresent.CardPresentXMLTest
    [junit] Tests run: 3, Failures: 2, Errors: 0, Time elapsed: 0.144 sec
    [junit] Test net.authorize.aim.cardpresent.CardPresentXMLTest FAILED
    [junit] Running net.authorize.aim.cardpresent.functional_test.SimpleAuthCaptureTest
    [junit] Tests run: 3, Failures: 3, Errors: 0, Time elapsed: 8.025 sec
    [junit] Test net.authorize.aim.cardpresent.functional_test.SimpleAuthCaptureTest FAILED
    [junit] Running net.authorize.aim.functional_test.MultiOrderAuth_Capture_Void_CreditTest
    [junit] Tests run: 6, Failures: 5, Errors: 0, Time elapsed: 15.935 sec
    [junit] Test net.authorize.aim.functional_test.MultiOrderAuth_Capture_Void_CreditTest FAILED
    [junit] Running net.authorize.aim.functional_test.SimpleAuthCaptureTest
    [junit] Tests run: 2, Failures: 2, Errors: 0, Time elapsed: 5.466 sec
    [junit] Test net.authorize.aim.functional_test.SimpleAuthCaptureTest FAILED
    [junit] Running net.authorize.arb.functional_test.ARBTest
    [junit] Tests run: 6, Failures: 4, Errors: 2, Time elapsed: 14.844 sec
    [junit] Test net.authorize.arb.functional_test.ARBTest FAILED
    [junit] Running net.authorize.cim.functional_test.CIMTest
    [junit] Tests run: 21, Failures: 21, Errors: 0, Time elapsed: 51.879 sec
    [junit] Test net.authorize.cim.functional_test.CIMTest FAILED
    [junit] Running


do I need more configuration to make it work?. By the way, I already have a test account in