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An error occurred during processing.



Been using for a few years now without issue.  Using John Conde's PHP class to handle all of my transactions.  We use CIM to manage customer profiles, addresses, etc.


Recently we have been having an issue when attempting to capture a charge.  The API returns:


Error Code: E00001 Error Message: An error occurred during processing. Please try again.


Where the Error Code is $cim->getCode() and the Error Message is $cim->getResponse().


So we wait a few minutes and try again, the charge is successful.  The problem is the first attempt that returned the error ends up getting charged to the customer's card as well.


So far this has happened twice in the last 2-3 weeks of approximately 1500 charge attempts. While this is a small amount it is unacceptable.  We've had to take the time to go over the charge logs to make sure this isn't happening elsewhere.


My question is, is there a way to catch this?  I thought I was looking at all the appropriate places for error codes and such but am a bit stymied on how to catch this.


If I try to get the results using $cim->getResults() it returns an empty array.


Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.






Hello @pberce 


Are you still experiencing this issue?


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Thank you for the reply, no I hadn't subscribed, but I will.


The answer to your question is I'm not sure, it's only have a couple of times so I've been closely looking at instances like this, if any more popup I'll post here.  I've also put some additional logging into place to capture the raw response in hopes of rooting out this issue.


edit - oddly enough the "Subscribe" link in the Topic Options is greyed out and inaccessible by me.



You should be able to subscribe now.  If you have further details on how to duplicate your issue, post them here and we'll do our best to help.