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Andoid Pay No Longer Available

I reached out to Android Pay API Support and they told me they no longer offer Android Pay. I needed help with enabling Android Pay through Authorize. Here is their email to me.


The Google Payment API Support Team

"The Android Pay API was only available for in-app integrations. We’re excited to announce the arrival of our new Google Payment API, which will replace the Android Pay API. The Google Payment API will provide an even more seamless checkout experience within your app or mobile web for Android users! Due to this change, we will no longer be supporting new Android Pay integrations or launches. Please visit our developer docs for more information and how to get started on the integration process for the new API."


Apparently, Android Pay and Google Wallet unified into a single pay system called Google Pay. Can one of the Administrators inform Authorize about this, because as of now, Android Pay is still available as a Digitial Payment option?


Thank you.