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Android Card Present AIM Intergration : Error E00000

Hi ,


I am doing an integration of my android with sdk to accept card present transactions. Every thing works fine  except to the ponit when we submit the transaction for processing, we are getting an error E00000 - Unknown error. We are not able to find the root cause of this error.


Can you please help? I have already spent 3 days trying to debug this.





Hello @riteshmitra 


Are there additional details that could help us further troubleshoot your issue?  For example, are you submitting the track data?  Is the track data encrypted?  What is the content of your createTransaction request?



Administrator Administrator

Hi Richard,

Yes we are submitting the track data and it is an encrypted one.


Here is the copy of the code that is being used for the processing of the transaction:


CreditCard creditCard = CreditCard.createCreditCard();
            Order order = Order.createOrder();
            order.setTotalAmount(new BigDecimal(oTotal));
            order.setDescription(" Test Order");
            Customer customer = null;
            Address shippingAddress = null;
            ShippingCharges shippingCharges = null;
            EmailReceipt emailReceipt = null;
            HashMap<String, String> merchantDefinedFields = new HashMap<String, String>();
            merchantDefinedFields.put("notes", "sent from SampleActivity");
            Intent authNetIntent = authNetObj.createAIMAuthCaptureIntent(this, refId,totalAmount,
                creditCard, order, customer, shippingAddress,shippingCharges, emailReceipt,

Which encrypted reader are you using (make and model) ? 


In order to use an encrypted reader with the Sandbox, it must be injected with the Authorize.Net key specific to the sandbox.



We are using Shuttle reader. We bought it from website. On their website they mentioned that they are authorized reseller of the encrypted card readers.


We have also tried the transaction on the live account with the same response. The response is always the same irrespective of the environment.

any update...please help

This doesn't help as the error that I am getting back is different.

Did you read it? It said to read the AIM XML to see that need to be done to work with encrypted card reader

You might need to see if the SDKs support encrypted card reader.

Hello @riteshmitra,


Support for encrypted payments using the current SDK is not yet support.  A newer release supporting this feature will be available soon.  Unfortunately, I don't have a specfic time line for delivery but will post updates to this thread when I do.


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