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Android Pay and Apple Pay

I've seen a few posts here and there about Authorize.Net accepting Apple Pay tokens from a website. We have several websites we'd like to offer both Apple Pay and Android Pay services as payment options and already use Authorize.Net for the payments processing.


Is it possible to use Android Pay with Authorize.Net? If so, I haven't found any information regarding it, and it would helpful to me to see anything related. If not, is there a projected timeline for this happening?


It is possible to use Android and Apple Pay with, the details of which are described at

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Are Apple Pay and Android Pay both able to be accepted as payments on a web page or just in app? The guid is a little unclear on this distinction.


Thanks for the questions, I know there are a couple in the thread so I'll try to address them separately:


Apple Pay from a web site:   Authorize.Net does support this, it's a great user experience and you can find a full end-to-end sample in our Accept sample application:   This is a javascript & PHP application but anyone with basic coding skills should be able to download and run the application to see the sample code in action.


Android Pay is a native Android only solution right now but Visa Checkout have partnered with Google to provide a web checkout experience which is similar to ApplePay on the Web.  You can read about that here and you can also see a Visa Checkout sample in the Accept sample application.


Authorize.Net does support Android Pay today, you can see a sample Android application which uses Android Pay here:  This one is dead easy to run and demonstrates Android Pay plus our simple Accept Mobile SDK for accepting credit cards on Android devices.


And of course Authorize.Net supports native Apple Pay on iOS as well, that's the guide mentioned in the previous post, we also have a sample iOS application for that at 


Hope this helps and apologies for the delay in answering this question.




Hello Brian,

I am integrating apple pay for production, and not been able to integrate it from the last 2 weeks. I tried every possible method that I can think of. Is there any support that provide or do I have to switch to another platform.

"errorText": "There was an error processing the payment data. Unable to decrypt data."

Hey pankaj884 were you able to find out the solution?

Can you please share it?

Your help is much appreciated.

Hi @brianmc

Am trying to intergrate on web. applepay button doesnt work. In the console, it says apple session not defined (in apple safari browser) . any suggestion or solution..?