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Authorization and future capture are showing up as two transactions on bank statement...

We have a POS system we've been developing for a restaurant, and one of our difficulties with is the inability to modify a transaction for TIPS after a capture, so our solution was to pre-authorize the card for a small percentage more and then capture the final bill total at the end of the night during closing.


The final capture is usually less than (but can be equal to) the pre-auth amount  depending on the size of the tip.


We use authOnlyTransaction and priorAuthCaptureTransaction to accomplish this.


The problem is, once that capture goes through, the pre-auth is still sitting in the customer's online banking if they used a debit card (as credit). I called the bank to confirm that the pre-auth will disappear naturally on its own, and that it doesn't affect their available funds (or cause over-draws) but I'm worried that a $15 bill will hold $15 for the pre-auth, and then $15 for the capture, and the customer will see -$30 in total until that pre-auth vanishes. Though it fixes itself in 24-hours, it's confusing and might spark extra customer complaints.


Are we doing something wrong that the capture doesn't immediately take the place of the pre-auth?


I'm hoping somebody here has an answer for this!

Hi @FredFredrickson  We are checking with the internal team on it and will update .

Send feedback at



If you are using TSYS/Vital processor, you can use the Tips functionality supported for both EMV and non EMV transactions through API channel.

Tips functionality is not supported for Non TSYS/Vital Processor.

Showing the transactions in the customer statement is handled at the processor side.


For the restaurant scenario, if there are > 10 customers in a table,  there would be auto-gratitude added to the receipt.

If that is the case, you can use authcapture by passing Tip amount through the API -  CreateTransactionRequest. 

Eg: API:

<createTransactionRequest xmlns="AnetApi/xml/v1/schema/AnetApiSchema.xsd">


















     <description>Product Description</description>




      <name>Tip amount</name>

      <description>Tip amount</description>




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