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Authorize.NET & PayPal Express Checkout - Guest Checkout

Hi there,


We are implementing Authorize.NET AIM with PayPal express checkout and have everything working both in the sandbox environment and in production with our client, but when you do an authorize/capture and are redirected to the express checkout form, it seems like a payment form and not like a donation form like we’d want. Mainly we wanted to enable guest checkout, which we cannot seem to get to work despite all efforts researching online. It always forces the user to create an account or log in. Is there an example that we can base off of to do this? We can do both in PayPal through the client’s account settings and in Authorize.NET, but not in this implementation. Also we’d like to not have shipping information show as this would be a donation form, but certainly the guest option would be the most important issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I can send code we are using if needed. 


Hi, has anyone encountered this in the past, and needed to have guest checkout enabled for this? 



Thank you for reaching out to us.


Unfortunately, this behavior is coming from PayPal and not from our services.


You can probably enable Guest Checkout on PayPal.


Also, as per PayPal, disabling the shipping information form is not an option. You need to either (1) send the shipping information in the API request, or (2) fill up the shipping information form when you log in to PayPal.

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*Disclaimer* I haven't used the integration for a while, but in the PayPal merchant settings I see a setting that may help. Check out at PayPal after logging in:

"Profile" (cog icon) ->"My Selling Tools" ->  Under "My Selling Tools", click "Update" located next to "Website preferences" -> "PayPal account optional"


PayPal account optional -  "optimized checkout experience. This feature is available for buy now, donations, and shopping cart buttons, but not for subscription buttons."


Authorize.Net does not have a field for overriding the shipping address in a PayPal Express Checkout integration.
We need to set solution_type=Sole to enable guest checkout. How can we do it with php sdk?
We need to set solution_type=Sole to enable guest checkout. How can we do it with php sdk?