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Authorize.Net HPP not getting response back and not redirecting to my url in some browser



We have implemented AuthorizeNet HPP with IFrameCommunicator in our web app in .net 4.5


It is working as expected with IE 10, some versions of 11, Chrome , Firefox and Safari. 


The order flow of our e-commerce site is as below


1. We place the order in temp order table and redirects customer to HPP page.

2. When customer pays and we got the response from HPP i.e. TransID and AuthCode, we redirects from HPP  to our site and place the order in actual order table.

3. If customer clicks on 'Cancel' button on HPP page, we put the item back in ShoppingCart.


Issues - 

1. On some versions of IE 11 i.e. version 11.706.17134.0 (Reported by our US customer),HPP fields are not getting loaded, so customer is not able to fill Credit Card details. But we verified this on IE version 11.766.17134.0 (India), as we didnt get exact IE version 11.706.17134.0 and it is working as expected.

2. In some cases, as soon as user clicks on 'Pay' button on HPP page by filling card details, the HPP page hangs on i.e. it remains in processing mode and does not redirects to our app. In this case transaction has been done at authorizeNet side. Customer is charged for the item but as order is not getting placed, this item is not getting available to customer. Customer closes the HPP page(item remains in shopping cart) and trying again and again to purchase the item, he is getting charged multiple times with no item available.


Most of the browsers supports HPP with no issue but same implementation is not working with some browser versions like IE 11 and our web app is IE compatible.


We analyzed that there is 'x_duplicate_window' parameter with default value=2minutes to avoid duplicate transaction with single token. But we are unable to use this parameter to avoid duplicate transaction as customer closes HPP page when it hangs(processing mode) and starts payment process with new token.


Is it possible to avoid duplicate transaction with new token or any other way to avoid duplicate transactions?


Please help.


Thanks in advance.





Any updates on HPP page hangs?


Thanks in advance.


Rohini Kajave