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Authorize.Net Relay Response Silent Post Whitelist IP Addresses

[Edit, 7/7/16: Updating this post with the current range of IP addresses.]


Recently Authorize.Net migrated to a new data center to further enhance the performance and security of our platform. As part of the new platform changes, Relay Response and Silent Post data will now originate at these IP addresses:


If you have a firewall that blocks inbound Internet traffic and use Relay Response or Silent Post, please add these IP addresses to your whitelist.

Administrator Administrator

Are these for test, production, or both?


I confirmed they are for both Production and Sandbox environments.

"Move fast and break things," out. "Move carefully and fix what you break," in.

Are the IP addresses current?


Yes @reahrum0r, they are still accurate.  If there are changes in the future, we'll update the original post so it's always accurate.




@RichardH This is the IP address that was captured by our server during a silent post request:, after whitelisting this IP the silent post worked, but only whitelisting the two you've stated above did not help.


thank you

This is a legacy post, but I'll refresh it shortly with more current IP addresses.

As Authorize.Net expands out its data centers, IP addresses are subject to change, but we'll strive to keep information about IP addresses up to date.


@iamreb -- there's actually four IP addresses you should whitelist: The two listed previously; the one you found, and one other. Check the post for the full IP address range. Thanks.

"Move fast and break things," out. "Move carefully and fix what you break," in.

Been awhile, can you confirm this list is still up to date? We've started losing some transactions again since about the end of December and want to be sure its not this issue.

We haven't changed these IP addresses since we posted them. We expect this list to remain stable for the foreseeable future. When we retire our legacy data centers, we'll drop two of the IP addresses, but that isn't going to happen for some time. The only additions were to support new data centers which we brought online, and we are using Network Address Translation, so even new servers should not change this list.

Again, this list should not change for some time, and when it does, it will be to retire IP addresses, not add new ones.

"Move fast and break things," out. "Move carefully and fix what you break," in.