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Authorize.Net integration in Android app.

Dear Sir/Madam,


I am here for getting solution for mobile payment of my Android app. I am go through your SDK integration guide document and also get success of integration in my app. But please give me the answer of fallowing question.


Q1-: You will be prompted with a dialog that asks you to enter in your Login ID and Password. These are your Authorize.Net account login credentials.

Note -: Please tell me if user not registred with your portal then its able to payment or not ?


Q 2 -: If this is the first time you are performing this login from a new device (either real or virtual), the login will fail and state that the device has been registered but is pending approval. 

Note -: Please tell me why approval is require in first time login.



The SDKs provided by Authorize.Net for Android and iPhone development are focused on the concept of using your mobile device as a credit card terminal. These SDKs are not designed for the purpose of distributing the app to your customers and accepting payment.


There is currently no standard way of securely including your API credentials in an app that you are distributing. As such, it is recommended that payments are made by embedding an externally hosted payment form within your app. This allows the payment to be made without a need for the app to integrate directly to Authorize.Net.

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