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Well, after asking if this was skirting the rules too much (they informed me that if I could make it work then by all means, go for it) I embarked on writing a very small CC terminal program in C# to assist our org with taking cards in person. We do this about 10 days in a year so a whole seperate gateway account and another program to buy seemed to be a bit... overkill.  We just wanted to not have to key in everything to the virtual terminal. Of course you can't send track data via the API without having a Card Present account (which we don't).  


So, I went ahead and created a program that parses out the card information, will take the CCV or the billing info (you tell it how much AVS you require or CCV) and charge the card. I'm not done with the pretty bits but it's functioning properly, and I thought I'd solicit some feedback, anyone have a use for this? (Might give it away or charge $10 for it..?)  Anyway, here's a little video demo that shows how it works: 


interested in hearing your opinions.


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It doesn't look like anyone has responded yet, but someone still may have feedback on the program you created. I'd recommend subscribing to this topic so that you'll be alerted via email if anyone else from the community is able to respond with any comments. To subscribe, click Topic Options at the top of this thread and then select Subscribe. You'll then receive an email once anyone replies to your post.


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Thanks for the response, I guess it isn't of much interest to people :) Nearly done, just adding things like AVS and CCV settings and a log area.