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Did you mean: In-Person SDK for Windows transactions are posting as "Authorization Only"

Hoping someone can assist me with this. I built a Windows desktop application which makes use of the In-Person SDK for Windows, as seen seen at but the transactions are posting as “authorization only” for the amount of $1.  I would instead like to charge the customer the full dollar amount in real-time (“authorize and capture”) but I’m not clear on how I would make that change due to the SDK and the documentation at not mentioning anything in relation to setting the transaction for authorization only or authorize and capture. For some additional insight here, we are using EMV Transaction, not Quick Chip, and we have SDKTransactionType set to use SERVICES, which may or may not be the reason for the transaction being submitted as “authorization only”. There are other options, such as "GOODS, PAYMENTS, and TRANSFER" but those options don't truly reflect what we are selling, which is a service. Does anyone know how we would go about posting a transaction to “authorize and capture” via the in-person SDK for Windows?