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We got an information regarding the network change


We are using the endpoint 

The instruction indicates that for Prod , we do not have to make any changes , but for the test call, we need to have the public cert from the website in our cacerts (using java to call the APIS) on or before October 15th 2019 (impacted as part of phase 2)  


Is that a correct observation ? Can somebody confirm that the impact is

a> only on the sandbox

b> and the impact is only to have the public cert in our trsutstore ? 


Can anybody please provide some insights on this one ? 




I am also having this issue.I am also using the Akamai end point for the transaction ( Did you got any more information about this change.

I have mailed my concers to and  got a  reply.


Reply from


You will need to ensure a modern browser is used.  You will need to install the Entrust L1 K certificate:



Where do we install the certificate?

I believe that it will be on our server. I am also confussed about this change.

Because my production site is using the akamai endpoint and my site is already having a an SSL.


I just mailed my concerns to ANET support. Fom ANET i got a reply to ensure the L1K ertificate installation.


Previously i  just planned to change the endpoint to non akamai.My php SDK having the following endpoints.

const CUSTOM = "";
const SANDBOX = "";
const PRODUCTION = "";