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Did you mean: Payment Not Going Through - Woocommerce 2.4.10

Prior to launching, the site was in development - during development a payment was tested and the order was successful. Since launching the site by pointing nameservers, the payments have stopped going through to I have reset transaction keys and placed multiple test orders. I've contacted to see if there's an error on there end and they do not see one and believe the payment should be successful. I have a relay response set (the payment still does not go through when this page is set to a thank you page). What other solutions are available to make sure these payments go through to


The Woocommerce plugin I am using is Authorize.Net DPM.


Accepted Solutions

@revivemedia Whether you need Relay Response depends on whether your site uses the SIM/DPM methods (rather than the AIM method, which doesn't use Relay Response). It might be worth contacting Woo Commerce to determine which method they implemented.

That said, it wouldn't hurt to remove the Relay URL from your account. It's entirely possible there is some error occurring that isn't being displayed by Woo Commerce. The error may even have something to do with the Relay URL itself.

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 Hello @revivemedia


When the payment does not go through, is there an error message displayed and can you share that with us?  We may also need your server IP address as well.  You can use the contact us form if you prefer not to post publicly.



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There isn't an error message that appears. :\ When on the phone with, he said he wasn't getting an error and if there's an error, I should be getting a 13 or something and I'm not.

Have you been in touch with the Woocommerce or the plugin developer you are using?  Perhaps they can help provide better information to help you further.





I have a support ticket open with them as well.

Error 13 The merchant Login ID is invalid or the account is inactive.


are you sure it using the production url?


Hi revivemedia,

We can't even begin to guess at what is happening here without knowing what the user is experiencing when this occurs. Even with that, it will be difficult or impossible to give any clear advice without knowing the response being returned from Authorize.Net.






Once the customer fills out their card information, this is the screen they are sent to, which is my relay response page.




Prior to launch, a payment went through. After the launch, no changes to the plugin were made for payment. I'm not sure why a payment would go through prior to changing nameservers but since it was launch the payments are no longer being sent to

Since this occurs after changing nameservers, could you access the web server and perform a dig or nslookup on the domain you're attempting to connect to, please?

I'm presuming you're still connecting to since you didn't indicate switching to or for live processing.

"Move fast and break things," out. "Move carefully and fix what you break," in.