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Authorize. net integration with magento

I enabled in magento site. But when i checkout then sometimes am getting this error "(14) The referrer, relay response or receipt link URL is invalid" and sometimes it shows "gateway error: This transaction cant be accepted.". I contacted via live support but they said me that "We are not trained in web development or integration, so our ability to answer developer related questions is limited.  I can only troubleshoot the error messages we have information for," So can anyone help me in resolving the issue? S can anyone help me in integrating with magento?


Sound like setup issue in magento, have you try the magento site forum?


Yes i posted thread in magento forum and awaiting for someone to reply me there also.

could be a setup issue, error 14 is your relay response url, the "This transaction cannot be accepted." is probably the fingerprint issue.

here is the SIM documentation that talk about the response detail


tools that might help you

Yup i saw the links u provided. But can u tell me how to resolve it?? I integrated in magento. In magento backend there is option of providing info of only "api login id and the key" . So how to get to know the exact reason of this error and how to resolve it? Its not a magento issue because all other payment methods are working . There might be the setting which i have to do in account. Can u tell me in detail wat to do please.?

The relay response error 14, could be the account settings - relay response in the merchant account.


Not sure about the other one. as it more likely a problem in magento.

How about your integrating with magento? Are you successful in doing it?




I had this same error in my previous plugin: "(14) The referrer, relay response or receipt link URL is invalid".

I switched plugins and I am now using this one:


It works great and the error didn't occur again.