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Authorize versus Charge


We use your Gateway. I was not part of the initial implementation but we are running into an issue with taking credit card as form of payment.  I am being told when a cc card transaction is processed, the card is actually charged at the time of placing the order. Typically transaction $$ is "held" to secure funds and the card is charged when the item is shipped.

Are there different configurations we need to be aware of?

Can someone verify our configuration including why we may be different?


I understand you are experiencing an issue with credit cards being charged immediately upon order placement instead of the funds being held until shipment. This is not typical behavior and suggests a configuration issue within our gateway.

To address this, I would like to offer the following assistance:

1. Verification of Configuration:

Please provide me with any documentation or details you have regarding your current credit card processing configuration within the gateway. This will allow me to identify any settings that may be causing the immediate charges.
If possible, please share screenshots or the specific steps you are taking to process credit card transactions. This will provide additional context and help me pinpoint the point of divergence from the standard process.
2. Identifying Differences:

Once your configuration details are available, I can compare them to the standard settings for credit card processing within our gateway. This will help me identify any deviations that may be contributing to the immediate charges.
In addition to configuration checks, I can also investigate whether there might be any system-wide or account-specific factors affecting your processing behavior.
3. Troubleshooting and Resolution:

Based on the information gathered, I will propose adjustments to your configuration or suggest alternative solutions to ensure that credit card transactions are processed correctly, with funds held until shipment and charged accordingly.

4. Next Steps:

To expedite this process, please provide me with the requested information as soon as possible. I am available to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the troubleshooting process.