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Did you mean: get housted method c# need my custom thank you page directly

Respected sir,

How to send directly to my thank you page after payment? I am using housted page method c# code.
My below code sending me to inbuilt thank you page.Their is continue button.After clicking continue button it is going to my custom thank you page.
I want directly to go to my custom thank you page.I dont want continue buton extra step. Please help in my below code as I am stuck here from last 2 months. My code is below.

settingType[] settings = new settingType[3];

settings[0] = new settingType();
settings[0].settingName = settingNameEnum.hostedPaymentButtonOptions.ToString();
settings[0].settingValue = "{\"text\": \"Pay Now\"}";

settings[1] = new settingType();
settings[1].settingName = settingNameEnum.hostedPaymentOrderOptions.ToString();
settings[1].settingValue = "{\"show\": false}";

settings[2] = new settingType();
settings[2].settingName = settingNameEnum.hostedPaymentReturnOptions.ToString();
settings[2].settingValue = "{\"showReceipt\": false,\"url\": \"" + txtinvoiceno+ "\",\"cancelUrl\": \""} ";


Please help I tried my best but not successfull.