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Webhook not sending notification Although Test Ping successful

Hi there,

I added a webhook and it worked fine for few days now stopped working and since then i can not get it working. when I test the ping I receive the ping payload in the log file. Once I test the ping I activte the webhook but not receiving the webhooks events notification nothing at all. 

I am building subscription with ARB system.

I also used webhook API and sent a request to GET but only seeing the notification from 5 december 2023. Even though I did a lot of test subscription and transaction today too. 

I created a webhook endpoint it receives the ping test fine but no event notifications at all. 

I have selected all of the events from the lists. nothings shows up. 

Can you please help. 
BIG Thanks to everyone contributing 

Thank you so much 


Hi, I'm having the same problem, and it stopped working exactly at the same day (5 december 2023).

I still didn't manage to solve the problem, did you got it?


I tried everything, couldn't find any solution still finding it. I will share I do, but seems like nothing is working so far

We are facing the same issue as well.

Is there a workaround you are working with ?


I'm facing with the same issue. Test webhook is working. Webkook of one-time payment is working. All other - no.
Please let me know if you find any solutions.




I'm currently facing issues with my webhook setup. Initially, it worked fine for a few days, but now it has stopped working. I've tested the ping, and it's successful, but I'm not receiving any webhook events notifications.

Here are the details of my setup:

  • I'm building a subscription with the ARB system.
  • When I test the ping, I receive the payload in the log file.
  • After testing the ping, I activate the webhook, but no events notifications are being received.
  • Using the webhook API, I made a request to check notifications, but I'm only seeing notifications from December 5, 2023, despite conducting numerous test subscriptions and transactions today.

Additionally, I created a webhook endpoint, and it successfully receives the ping test, but no event notifications are coming through.

I've selected all events from the list, but nothing is showing up. Could you please provide assistance or guidance on resolving this issue?



Hi. I found 2-3 post related to not working subscription. Some of them saying the same date - December 5, 2023. It seems that this is global issue on sandbox environtment.

To continue integration arb subscriptions in our platform I'm using custom cronjob that checks all created subscriptions for a new transactions. It is temp solution until fix not webhooks sending issue

Yes, this is an ongoing issue with the sandbox webhooks.

We raised a ticket yesterday, and has acknowledged it after I pointed them to this developer forum thread. We have been advised that their engineering team is working to remedy the issue. No ETA has been committed to.

Currently we are still waiting on them.

Is anyone else pursuing the  issue with as well ?


What is the best way to raise the ticket to Sending an email to
We are integrating subscriptions and no webhooks is stopping our testing.

@sera_nikulin  - Log into with your credentials and then  select View cases from the Support cases menu.  That will get to the option to create a case with