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Automated Recurring Billing - Succeeding months the credit card failed

Good Day!


I have a scenario


1. The customer registered and made a payment using his credit card and set it as monthly recurring.

2. After 2 months when tried to deduct money to his credit card the transaction failed due to no funds.


Now my question is will our system be notified automatically? If yes, then how?




Hi mkadusale,


You can configure your account to receive ARB email notifications as explained in this article. The email notifications include Failed Transaction Notice showing the declined and failed transactions happened to your subscriptions. You can check these notification emails or you can also use the Transaction Details API .





Administrator Administrator

With email notification, Merchant can be notified, But to update users Recurring transaction status, some manual task need to be performed on merchant side. Does provide any WebHook functionality where system can send recurring transaction response (whether recurring transaction was successful or Failed) to the registered callback URI set by merchant in his account.

ARB  will send notifications to your "Silent URL." You can then take action based on those messages. I'm no expert on this, though. I'm still trying to puzzle out how to actually do this.