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Batch file upload using HTTPs connectivity with the Integrated application

Hello Team,


We have a request to upload Batch payment file to CyberSource and we are using HTTPs to connect to CyberSource.

We have to trying to connect to CyberSource using HTTPs with our Integrated application (Sterling B2b Integrator). We have been getting Handshake issue though we used certificates associated to user account only. Could you please provide us any help with HTTPs (not API connectivity). 




First of all you should make sure that the certificates associated with the user account are correctly configured and up-to-date.

Double-check the certificate settings in your application to ensure they match CyberSource's requirements.

And review any error messages or logs for more detailed information on the handshake problem to troubleshoot effectively.


It sounds like you're having a bit of a headache with HTTPS connectivity to CyberSource using Sterling B2B Integrator. The handshake issue you're encountering is usually related to SSL/TLS certificate problems. Here are a few things you might want to check:

  1. Certificate Validity: Ensure the certificates you are using are still valid and not expired. Double-check the validity dates.

  2. Certificate Chain: Make sure you have the entire certificate chain installed, not just the user certificate. This includes the intermediate and root certificates. Sometimes missing parts of the chain can cause handshake issues.

  3. Protocol Compatibility: Verify that the SSL/TLS protocols supported by CyberSource are also enabled in your Sterling B2B Integrator. There might be a mismatch in the supported protocols (e.g., TLS 1.2 vs. TLS 1.1).

  4. Cipher Suites: Check the cipher suites supported by both your application and CyberSource. Mismatched or unsupported cipher suites can lead to handshake failures.

  5. Trust Store Configuration: Ensure that the certificates are correctly added to the trust store of your Sterling B2B Integrator. The application needs to trust the CyberSource certificates.

  6. Server Compatibility: Sometimes, specific server configurations or firewall settings can interfere with the handshake process. Make sure there are no network issues between your application and CyberSource.

If everything seems correct and you're still having issues, you might want to try running a network trace (e.g., using Wireshark) to see the exact point of failure during the handshake. This can provide more detailed insights into what might be going wrong.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you need further assistance.

New Member

Thank you for your response. Yes, we downloaded certs associated to the user account and are latest (expiry date for these certs are 2025). When we reviewed logs, it is just saying Handshake issue and we don't have any other logs to analyze on our end.




Thank you for your response. Yes, the certs we downloaded are associated with the user account and also the expiry date on these certs are in 2025. When we tried to analyze logs on our end, it says handshake failure and we don't have any other information to troubleshoot further.




Thank you for your response. We will double check these on our end and respond today.




We downloaded certs from the cybersource portal and we are using same certs to connect but we are getting handshake failure. Could you please let me know if I can email those serial numbers associated to the user account?