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Best Framework for API Automated testing?

I'm looking for suggestions on frameworks for API automation. Currently the candidates are integration tests through Spring Boot, junit, and postman. Which one of these would be the best solution? If there is a better solution, please comment below with reasons why it works better.



There are many amazing best framework for API Automated Testing but i will recommend the following one.


Katalon Studio is a free test automation tool for API, Web, Desktop App and Mobile applications. It is emerging as a leading tool for API/Web services testing and positioning itself as a comprehensive end-to-end automation solution for both developers and testers.


Feature highlights:

  • Support both SOAP and Rest
  • All-in-one shop for API, WebUI, Desktop App and Mobile testing and the combined capabilities among those.
  • Support data-driven approach.
  • Can be used for automated and exploratory testing
  • Support CI/CD integration.
  • Support AssertJ, one of the most potent assertion library, to create fluent assertion with BDD style
  • Suitable for both non-techies and pros via Manual and Groovy Scripting modes.

    I think it will be helpful and if you want to read more about it then kindly let me know. I will explain more. Thanks.