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Best method to use- Classic ASP AIM or SIM


I've looked around and found some answers.  Before I jump into coding I wanted to see if there is a best method for what i am looking to do.

Classic asp site


1. People login, and I have their information, BUT do not have any type of payment information stored.  It's ok if they have to enter their billing information each time.   All security is on


2. Would like to keep people on the site, but if they need to go off site (like SIM) is there a way to make it look like they are still on the site.  


3.Using mysql database and need to update database either before or preferably after payment has been approved.


any help would be appreciated.  





if you getting a SSL AIM or DPM, if not DPM


is there a DPM ASP coding?  

She does have a SSL if needed didn't make any sample code for DPM, but if yo read the DPM doc, it very similar to SIM which they did have ASP sample code.


As for AIM, you will also need to be PCI Compliance