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Best practices for handling deposits

We offer reusable containers to our customers for a small fee, and if they return the container we return the fee.


For orders that are placed using cards, I'm wondering what the best way to handle this is.


The solutions that I have in mind are


1. Create an authcapture transaction for product and the container fee, and then refund the fee later


2. Create an authcapture transaction for the product, and then an authonly transaction for the fee, so that when the container is not returned we would then manually capture it


The first thing you should do is review your current cash
handling process. What do your cashiers do when they
accept cash? How do they make change?
Your cash handling process also includes steps such as
counting tills before and after shifts, preparing floats, and
making pickups from tills during shifts. When the till moves to
the cash office, there will be additional steps in the process.
Someone there will count the till and reconcile it with other
These cash managers will also prepare cash for bank deposits
and ensure cash is stored safely. They’re also in charge of the
paper trail.




If you run a small retail outlet in the local mall, your days might be hectic. Depositing, counting and balancing your cash should follow a strict schedule. Work that routine around your busy times of day.