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Best way to create a CIM Profile from a third party form tool

Hi all,


I've successfully had a developer create a form for me that integrates CIM into its operations, so I can take a credit card on a page, and immediately have it create a CIM profile and send me just the tokens, so I never have to store the card information. Works great. Except that I am dependent on a third party developer to maintain it, and can't easily make changes to the form.


It seems to me there ought to be a way to do this with a forms service like Jotform. The latter makes great forms, but their product managers never seem to respond to feature requests, and of course because it's SaaS we users can't get behind the scenes and control actions like CIM features that they don't support. What I really want them to do is to create a CIM profile and payment profile behind the scenes and then put the CIM profile ids into the email that's sent to me.


So it looks like I am down to two options. Either find a form provider that actually does properly support CIM (any ideas?) or use CreateProfileFromTransaction to basically do a $0.01 transaction then create a profile from it. However, then I have to refund the 1c since CPFT does not seem to work with just an auth transaction type.

Any ideas on solving this?






I'm not aware of an online forms provider that does CIM specifically, but you're welcome to browse through our Certified Solutions Directory to see if there's any there that catch your eye.


I'll also send off an email to Jotform to offer help if they'd like to update their current form to add this new functionality.


With regards to your current solution, createCustomerProfileFromTransactionRequest should definitely work with an auth-only transaction. What problems are you seeing when you try it that way?

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