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Is recurring billing possible with Apple Pay?

Hi All,

We are trying to get a recurring billing setup with Apple Pay and CIM. We can successfully get a token from Apple, and successfully create a customer profile at using that token where the card is authorized and the test transaction is voided. But that's it. All subsequent transactions will fail with response code 2 (transaction declined).

By the same token (ha!) if we choose to charge the token initially (rather than create a customer profile) that also works, but then we are not able to create a customer from the transaction.

It's as though these tokens are one-use only, which of course does not work in a monthly subscription model.

Has anyone successfully implemented CIM recurring billing with Apple Pay? What are the tricks to allow for more than one charge?


Is it possible that you should be using a VOID for only those transactions that are not yet batched, and a REFUND for batched transactions?

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I'm not 100% sure what you mean, but a call to createCustomerProfileRequest using an Apple token requires validationMode set to "live" - which means will do a test charge of a penny or so and then immediately void it. It's automatic and that "counts" as our one charge. Any subsequent charges fail.


OH I should have mentioned - when I say "recurring billing" I'm not talking about ARB, I'm talking about *our* recurring billing where we can charge differing amounts on different intervals, even for the same customer. We do this flawlessly with traditional cards as well as google pay. Apple Pay is proving to be a tough nut to crack.


I remember reading in the Authorize Net docs that some cards/processes require an extra step/authorization/process. (the forward slashes mean my memory is not specific)
Please consider calling Authorize Net and asking if using Apple Pay for recurring billing requires any extra set-up? 1.877.447.3938.


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Thanks for replying David. Sadly I've been round and round with the authnet support and documentation with no luck. Hoping to find someone who's pulled it off that knows the secret.


I forgot to mention something important - when I refer to 'recurring billing,' I'm not referring to ARB (Automatic Recurring Billing); I mean our in-house recurring billing system. With this system, we can charge varying amounts at different intervals, even for the same customer. We've successfully implemented this with conventional credit cards and Google Pay. However, we're encountering challenges when it comes to implementing this with Apple Pay.