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Building custom connectors



With the emergence of APIs, many platforms can now programmatically expose your data by using “connectors”. These are standard integration functions wrapped in a pretty interface and are typically achieved via an HTTP request to a REST API.

Most of the integrations that users are looking to use deal with connecting to major 3rd party platforms such as Microsoft, Google, Xero etc. and users to extend those systems functionality and add them into their business logic.

But what happens if you need a custom connection? What do you do?

a) Request the platform to build it?

b) Build it ?

c) And if it happens often enough - build a custom connector for connections?


Given current trend of microservices , how much IT are enough ? After a certain point maintaining test setup seems to be a different project altogether. Adding new code and unit test seems matter of few hours where then fixing or adding IT test would take days.

Is there any trade-off or it is something painful but the best practice?

A custom connector is a wrapper around a REST API Logic Apps also supports SOAP APIs that allows Logic Apps, Power Automate, or Power Apps to communicate with that REST or SOAP API. These APIs can be: Public visible on the public internet such as Spotify, Slack, Rackspace, or an API you manage.