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Hi I’m trying my first ifttt applet using a webhooks delay. I’m just turning on a light after 5 minutes triggered by amazon assistant. I’ve coded the two applets and connected them with no issue. But although the first applet runs, the 2nd applet nev...
Hi This is for vRealize Automation container service APIspecificallyDELETE | GET I can reference {id} as an assigned string value c3f5806d31e304755b9e45369f018But I want to use the JSON referenced id that is returned fromGETWhich returns the followin...
Hi Being fairly new to Restful Api, I am in doubt as to how I would retrieve and update my MySQL database using the following PHP Restful API. 0?',':'').'`'.$columns[$i].'`=';$set.=($values[$i]===null?'NULL':'"'.$values[$i].'"');}// create SQL based ...
import java.lang.reflect.Array;import java.util.Arrays; import;import;import;import;import; import netscape.javascript.JSObject; u/Path("PerfectNum...
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