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Bypass fraud filters? (Hear me out!)

Hi all...


I have a working integration with Auth.Net that I'm happy with. We deal with recurring donations, using stored customer profiles.


We get fraudulent transactions like everyone does, and most of the time the fraud filter works as desired.


What I have noticed is that sometimes we get a new recurring donation in, and the initial donation passes the fraud filters, but then the subsequent donation, usually a month later, gets stuck with an E00027.


It it highly likely that we have been in contact with the donor in that month, and if a fraudulent transaction got through the initial filters, that contact will figure out if they are legit. Basically, I am comfortable assuming that any subsequent recurring donations (apart from the initial signup) are legit.


So, what I would like is a way to bypass the fraud filters for particular transactions. Does this exist?







Hi @mattparlane


What I understand you are using the Customer Profiles feature to store the customer's information securly and later on using that to charge the customer. You are getting E00027 while doing subsequent charges, which is a generic decilne error and may not be specific to fraud filters, if  it is because of fraud filters it will have additional information because of which you got that error. It  maybe because of  your daily or hourly limits so better lookout for that details.


Ideally if you are doing monthly recurring charges, Automated Recuring billing should be the better solution to use which is designed for these type of purposes, and you will not have to worry about the fraud filters.




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