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CCV and Testing

I have just added use the CCV code to my development testing.  I realize that I cannot use Test to Generate Specific Transaction Results to test the CCV.    However, I just decide to send the string anyway as a normal test with 4111111111111111 for the cc and 1243 for the ccv. The response string had a response code of 1, response reason code of 1 and the card code response of P.   This appears to mean that the Transaction has been approved but Not Processed.

How can I consider this a good transaction?


It depend, it mean the CC card got approved from the bank. But if your business requirement said to reject anything that is not a "M", they can set to reject it in the merchant account.


Ok, I understand that however, I am still phase on testing and creating the code to handle everything.  You are correct we are handling the some credit cards thru a different account while I am testing and creating code under 4111111111111111.  I do not recall setting up any requirements when I set up my testing account.  How can I see what I have actually set up in the testing account?

To see your CCV setting in your test account.

login to

Account - Settings - Security Settings  - Card Code Verification