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CIM API requires clientID?

After refreshing the definition for the SOAP web reference for, I noticed that our previously-working code no longer compiles. In each instance, it looks the definition for the methods listed in the compile errors (CreateCustomerProfile, UpdateCustomerPaymentProfile, etc.) all have a string parameter of clientID that is expected (but wasn't in our earlier web reference definitions).


In looking at the CIM API docs ( and the API reference (, neither mentions this field anywhere. Additionally, the sample code in the API reference matches our calls and doesn't seem to be passing in a clientID anywhere.


What is clientID and how should we be using it, now that it's required? Is that our userid, tran key, a unique id for that specific card, or what?


Hi @Aaron

Actually the subscription is there but it's status is suspended and status for last payment is "General Error".

What i am doing is, on daily basis at 1 AM i am updating amount of each subscription which will charge today. It works fine, it updates the amount correctly. I wait for authorizenet to charge that new amount for each subscription but it does not work.

When i look into authorizenet, i found all of theses subscriptions are suspended and last payment for today is "n/a" with status "General Error".

Is there a solution for this?

Hi @Aaron,


Please let me know if there is any solution for this. Updating subscription amount 1 AM does not charge that subscription on that day, instead that subscription got suspended and transaction for that day says "General Error".


If there is any workaround for this, please mention.

Hi @ruchi_s,


I'm sorry, I'm not able to duplicate this. Is this happening in sandbox, or in production? If in production, you'll want to open a ticket with support to investigate.

Hi @Aaron,


This is on Sandbox. Today it worked fine, updated amount at 1 AM and later on charged updated amount (I don't know at what time authorizenet process the subscriptions to charge amount).


After that in silent post I have added a url of my website in which I am trying to cancel that subscription of updating amount and creating new one. Surprisinlgy, that Subscription is not going to be cancelled (i am shocked) but creating new one working fine. I tried to cancel those subscription forcefully using the same api worked perfectly.


I do not know what's going on. I wanted to test my code with Sandbox so that I could push that to Live confidently. But sandbox daily responses are different.

I guess I'm still not following. Why are you updating the subscription amount at 1 am? Do you get different results if you update it at, say, 12:00 am? What about 11:00 PM the previous night?


I'm trying to determine if there's any known problem with changing the subscription parameters that close to when the subscription is charged. But, in the meantime, could you work around it by making the change earlier?