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Some Credit Card types can't be removed?

Our client only requires Visa, Mastercard and Amex.

The UI that manages this seems to have a bug that throws errors when we try to remove the other cards from the list. Can these card types be removed any other another way?

l1-dev.bundle.e66fd375.js:1075 Warning: Encountered two children with the same key, `[object Object]`. Keys should be unique so that components maintain their identity across updates. Non-unique keys may cause children to be duplicated and/or omitted — the behavior is unsupported and could change in a future version.

After activating CVN for some credit card types, the form changed the card type field from a drop down to a large ugly list of radio buttons. We'd prefer the drop down remains, but the client issue is more important.



Just an update to the issue above:
I've been asked to use a different instance of cybersource where this bug doesn't seem to occur.
I guess I was using an older version.