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CIM EditPaymentProfile not editable in Windows Google Chrome only

We are using the popup API and the CIM call for AuthorizeNetPopup.openEditPaymentPopup(paymentid)    On Windows 7 and Google Chrome ONLY this window appears but is behind the grey background layer that is supposed to hide the rest of the page.  Therefore the information is not editable and the user cannot cancel or save that popup.  They are essentially hosed.  Again, this only happens on Google Chrome and we can't seem to recreate it here in our offices in any configuration, however, two users sent in screen shots.  What is the solution to make the popup appear correctly?


Obviously something wrong with z-index. Chrome is rather buggy in that respect, and breaks if there is a negative z-index anywhere on the page, if a position isn't set, if there's a transform, etc. Check your CSS, and if you don't have a negative z-index or transform, fiddle with the contentx/paymentShipping.css. You didn't do something weird like set skipZIndexCheck to true, did you?