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CIM Hosted Payment Form - wish for an enhancement

Can someone please help me figure out how to capture the users IP address on a hosted form.

We are using a CIM hosted form and I need to store the IP address for IP blocking but I dont know how to configure the hosted form to capture the IP





The IP address is stored as part of transaction data in the Authorize.Net system. Because the hosted CIM forms are not used to create transactions, there is no mechanism in place to store the customer's IP address. Can you clarify exactly how you are looking to use this data? Do you want the IP address stored as a part of the payment or customer profile?

Administrator Administrator

No i was just looking for a way to block transactions based on IP address.

I assume I should be able to send the IP address as an extra option when i process the transaction and then have the transaction blocked if the IP address is flagged on Is that correcT?


I have been trying to pass the users IP through on transactions but i dont see it appearing in the transaction in - it just shows an empty value for Customer IP


Are you sending the ip address as x_customer_ip= in extraOptions field on the CreateCustomerProfileTransaction?