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CIM Integration into SHOPIFY Shop. Using AIM?



I am the web/graphic designer for a fashion design company based in NYC called Berek. We have a wholesale website hosted by SHOPIFY as well as a retail site.


I've been trying to integrate the CIM service into our website but I'm having trouble understanding what things are supposed to go where. I've talked to the shopify folks and they don't really know how to do this either.


Does anyone have any idea how one might integrate the CIM service with Shopify? I've already got integrated as a payment gateway. What we'd like is for the wholesale customers to make purchases for over 30 days in the future and for us NOT to have to call them again for their card information. As I understand it the CIM service allows us to store their info in for future use.


Thanks for the help!

Alex @ berek


Hello bereknyc,


This looks like an enhancement the folks at Shopify need to explore adding to their system.  I've passed the information on to our Business Development team as well.



Administrator Administrator

Hello Richard,


Could you email me once you have found out if that enhancement is going to be done or not?


Do you expect this to be done? If so, do you have a best guess time frame?


Thanks Richard.


I would suggest subscribing to this thread to receive any updates from the community.  


Unfortunately, we don't have any control over if and when the folks at Shopify may add this capability.



Hey Alex,


I just came across your posting as I am having facing the exact same issue with CIM,, and shopify.  Have you been able to resolve this issue with intergrating the CIM into your shopify store to better the functionality and efficiency of selling wholesale?  If you dont mind I would thoroughly appreciate any advice or insight as to the solution you found (if you did).


I hope that you are able to view this and that you can offer some assistance, you can either reply on this thread or email me at


Thank you!




It has been a few years since this was posted.  Is there any update whether Shopify have made the modifications?  


I am having trouble finding a solution on Shopify that works for saving credit cards and this still seems to be the closest lead.  It seems to works well with Magento but not with Shopify.


Best regards