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CIM Limits & DPM

Hi all,


A question and a comment.


1. In CIM, are there any limits regarding the number of customer profiles and payment profiles? I see error E00042 defined in the manual, but it doesn't specify what the actual limit is -- just that it has been reached. What are the limits?


2. I'm pretty sure that this isn't possible, but it would be dreamy if a DPM transaction could yield a CIM payment profile. This would enable a scenario where the PAN never actually passes through the merchant's server (making PCI-DSS compliance much simpler), but the merchant would still have a token to the card information (making handling real-world payment issues, like re-authorizing a card with an updated billing address or a new payment amount after the order is edited, much simpler). I know that the hosted CIM forms are meant to solve this, but they look a bit silly and also require the address information to be entered, which any merchant is likely to already have collected.


Thanks for any insight.



Nicholas Piasecki

Regular Contributor

Hi Nicholas,


To answer your questions:


1) The E00042 refers to the maximum number of payment profiles, each customer profile can include up to 10 payment profiles and up to 100 shipping profiles. But there is no limitation on the number of customer profiles per merchant.


2) Unfortunately this is not currently possible, we thank you for your feedback and we'll make sure to take note of this.



Administrator Administrator