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Get all customer transactions report

For legal purposes I'm trying to use the API to get all of a customer's transactions. Through the website Transaction Search it's possible to search for everything using the MerchantCustomerID, but the closest thing exposed through the API is using the CustomerProfileID in the getTransactionListForCustomerRequest. However, this only gets the first transactions that were created through the API and none of the subsequent recurring billing ones that should belong to that customer. And using the ARBGetSubscriptionRequest limits the results to the last 20 transactions under the specified subscription, with no ability to paginate, so it would be unreliable to complete a customer transaction report.

So, is there some way to generate a complete customer transaction report through the API or possibly a way to expose the MerchantCustomerID Search that's already available through the website to the API?


I'm guessing that you looked through the Transaction Reporting docs.. but in case you didn't. 

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Any given customer's payments could span potentially hundreds of batches over the time span they were a customer and the getTransactionListForCustomerRequest function only returns the first transaction made through the API not all the transactions the customer has that were recurring. Similarly, the ARBGetSubscriptionRequest only provides the 20 most recent transactions with no options for pagination.