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CIM PHP SDK - void/refund transaction

I'm using CIM with php. I'm trying to refund/void transactions.


  1. Is there some clear documentation somewhere about voiding and refunding transactions with CIM?

  2. My understanding is that a transaction can't be refunded until it is "settled". I assume this happens at some indeterminate period of time in the future, and so there was a sentence in some documentation somewhere saying that if a refund is necessary I should simply try to void the transaction and if that fails assume it is settled, and so try a refund. Is this correct?

  3. Is there any expiry date for refund a transaction?

  4. With CIM php sdk we can void a transaction like as follows

         $transaction = new AuthorizeNetTransaction;
         $transaction->transId = $transactionId;
         $response = $request->createCustomerProfileTransaction("Void", $transaction);


         Like this how to refund a transaction with CIM php sdk?




To answer your questions:


1. The fields necessary for submitting a refund are documented in the CIM Guide.
2. Transactions are settled once every 24 hours on each account, you can check your Transaction Cut Off Time to find out exactly when your transactions are batched out. It is acceptable to try a void and immediately follow it by a refund because it is impossible for both requests to be approved.
3. Transactions are eligible for refund for 120 days from when they are processed.
4. The PHP SDK allows you to set a transaction type of refund for CIM. Unlike a void, you will also be required to identify the customer profile and payment profile associated with the refund. Depending upon what information you are storing in your system, it may actually be easier for you to submit a refund using AIM.




Administrator Administrator

 Hi Sir ,

There are two scenerios 


1)   As per our requirement ,First I need to  authorize 100 usd after that capture 90 usd and after that void 10 usd .

      Is this  possible or not?


2)  First we authorize 200 usd and after that we void the authorized transaction  then we capture 100 usd.



Please let me know

Regards Manish

You don't need to post your question to 3 different thread.



As per our business requirement first I am authorizing order total(100usd) then capture(50usd )  then I want to release 

remaining amount after the capture transaction has been settled.

then I made a void transaction against athorized transaction but didn't get proper response.


please provide me the details for following:

1) Is it possible to make a void transaction against authorized transaction that has been submitt for pior_auth_capture and has been settled?


2) first I'm authorizing 100 usd and after that capture 80 usd then

i) how much time it will take to release the remaining amount? 

ii)Do I need to make a void transaction to release the remaining amount  immediately after the captured transaction has been settled?


Hello Nitesh786,


After your transaction has settled, any remaining balance previously authorized but not captured is taken off hold automatically.  No further action on your part is required.  


The length of time required to release those funds is determined by the policies of the issuing bank for the customer.



Hi Richardh,


So we can not make a void transaction against authorized transaction that has been captured and settled.



Correct.  You can only void an unsettled transaction.