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CIM - Void Transaction



Could you please how to implement the void transaction using CIM.? Is it possible.. We already have a problem with how to get the transaction history for a payment profile ID. After this result only, we can able to go with the refund/void transaction using CIM. so, let me know the full description for the same.


Hello @Edward3


You can void an unsettled transaction using the Authorize.Net API and the payment type voidTransaction.  You can learn more about this in our API Reference: 



Administrator Administrator

Hello @RichardH,


I have to retrieve the transaction details using payment profile id. After this only, I go with the next step i.e void transaction. so, how to retrieve the transaction details using the same or is there another way to do?

When you create a transaction, you support to keep a log on your own database.


If not and have less than 1000 unsettled transactions use GetUnsettledTransactionList

So this may have not been asked, but I have the transactionID stored, but what do I use for the payment part when voiding? Do I have to make another call to Get Customer Profile to get the type and then just pass that directly?



You can void the transaction using the transaction ID.



Oh I guess that is all I need, I was confused because the C# sample code here:

was passing in the card, but according to the inputs that isn't needed.


Thank you!