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CIM batch process

We use java and integrate via CIM.

Following is our payment process.


1. Create a CustomerCustomerProfile

2. Create a customer payment profile

3. Create CustomerProfileTransaction which is of transaction type "Authorization Only"


We understand that this "Authorization Only" Customer Profile Transaction can be captured later using the Customer Profile Transaction of transaction type "Prior Authorization and Capture".


However we need to capture the transactions in batch mode. What we need to do is to create a batch file of transactions that include authorizations that were successful at the end of each day and send it to CIM to capture these authorized transactions.


1)  I read that there Authorize.Net provides a batch upload feature which allows us to upload a generated transaction file through the merchant interface, could this approach  be feasible for "Authorize Only" transactions that were done through CIM ?

Can you give me a high level outline of how it would be done, if its possible.

2) If  1 is possible, can we upload the file to a predefined ftp location that specifies so that we can automatically create and upload the transaction file to such a location without the need for a manual upload step.


Thanks and Regards




Good to know.  I will review and post accordingly thanks.

Hi All, has this request ever been registered as an Idea?





Not yet :)